The 6 Kinds of Couples You’ll Be Friends With

The 6 Kinds of Couples You'll Be Friends With

1. The Way-Too-Affectionate Lovers


Love is a beautiful thing….in theory. Watching it play out in front of you is a completely different matter. Unfortunately, everyone has at least one couple in their life that thinks that just because they have sex behind closed doors, that gives them the right to conduct their foreplay in public where everyone can see it. They kiss. The cuddle. They call each other gross names. They do just about everything that can that would make an onlooker feel uncomfortable short of actual penetration. It’s….well it’s, whatever the opposite of adorable is.

2. The Fighters


On the other end of the spectrum is the couple who literally can’t finish a sentence without taking a dig at the person they claim to be in love with. They broadcast any slight dissatisfaction they have with the other person in the most uncomfortable manner imaginable for those around them. They say it’s out of love, but holy shit does it feel mean. The only reason you can think of that they haven’t called it quits is the no doubt amazing make up sex that they must be having on a daily basis.

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